sábado, 24 de janeiro de 2015

The Poets of Rythm

"These days sixties and seventies soul music has become a fashionable source of inspiration. It's unconfortably common to hear its twisted influence in the clumsy ape-ings of popstar radio and tv commercials. However in the early nineties, a time when most of our ears were filled with the alternating din of angsty grunge and synthesized pseudo-soul, a couple of German kids unearthed a raw sound from our own back yard that we hadn't even remembered burying. And though for a time they revealed in the borrowed nostalgia of bell-bottoms and fur coats, their style was always in spite of fashion and not because of it. They drew from the sound of old funk records, not as a mold, but as an inspiration, understanding that sound would always be an origin of their music, but unlike many 'soul revivalists' to follow, they never settled for it as a destination."

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