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"I wanted to make a movie that Miles would have wanted to star in."

You’ve blended your acting prowess and musical gifts in Miles Ahead, a kind of anti-biopic of one of the greatest trumpeters, composers, innovators and mad geniuses who ever lived, Miles Davis. Being the star and the director, how does the film measure up to the one you dreamed?
You know when you see photos of people who’ve climbed Everest? People often think they pop champagne and cheer. A lot of times it’s just like, I climbed this fucking mountain. I was sort of told by Miles’s nephew that they were going to do a movie about his life and I was going to star in it. And then people started calling, and the energy came this way. I wasn’t out there chasing any Miles Davis movie. I didn’t really want to do a biopic, having been in several of them, famously, including Hotel Rwanda, Talk to Me and The Rat Pack, and won awards for them. I didn’t want to be hampered by facts. I didn’t care about when Miles met Charlie Parker. I didn’t care about when he first heard the birds sing the note that made him think about “B Flat Blues.” Especially with a person like Miles, whose entire life was a canvas to create whatever he wanted—a style of clothes, music, a way of talking, the women in his life—I didn’t want to create some up-and-down story about him.

At its best, the movie plays like some crazy impressionistic mosaic.
When I met with the family, the approaches I heard all felt like different versions of the same biopic. I said, “I can try to do Ray, but do you think he’d really want that?” If someone comes to you with something different, fresher or elliptical, like “Miles is a gangster,” that would be interesting to me. I could see this sort of 1970s movie: snap zooms, push-ins, “Don Cheadle is Miles Davis as Miles Davis in Miles Ahead.” I wanted to make a movie that Miles would have wanted to star in. I drove away from my meeting with the family, got seven blocks and thought, Nobody’s going to do that unless I do. I called them back and said, “I think I have to do it.”

Don Cheadle, 'Playboy', April 2016

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