sábado, 1 de julho de 2017


«- Being a hostage is worse than being in prison. In prison, at least you know why you're locked up. There's a reason. Whether it's right or wrong, at least there's a reason. But being a hostage is just bad luck. Wrong place, wrong time. In prison, you know when you'll get out, the exact date... You can count down the days you've got left to go. Here, all I can do is count the days that have passed without knowing when it'll be over.»
"Christophe André was on a mission with Doctors Without Borders when he was kidnapped in Nazran on July 2, 1997. Despite this harrowing experience, he remained committed to humanitarian work. After six months of well-deserved rest, he returned on a mission for DWB an continued to work for the organization for another eighteen years."

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