quarta-feira, 3 de novembro de 2010

"Cat on a Hot Tin Roof" - Parte I (com o pai)

- Yes, sir, I am an alcoholic. So, if you'll just excuse me.

- No, I won't!

- I'm waiting for that click... and I don't get it unless I'm alone!

- I'm not talking. When it's quiet!

- You'll hear plenty of that in the grave.

- Right now we're going to talk.

- This talk is like all the others. It gets nowhere and it's painful !

- Let it be painful.

- I can crawl and hop if I have to.

- If you aren't careful, you'll crawl out this family and be drinking on skid row.

- Yeah, that will come too.

- No. Now that I'm straightened out, I'm going to straighten you out. Sit down!

- It's no use. We talk in circles. We have nothing to say to each other!

- Where are you going?

- To get another bottle.

- No, you're not, you drunken whelp!

- Why are you shouting? I can't stand it!

- Get out of here! Leave us alone! Why do you drink?

- You had better know why you drink or give it up !

- Why do you drink?

- I stepped on that foot and now I'm in pain.

- Good ! At least you're not too numb... with liquor to feel pain. Why do you drink?

- Give me my crutch.

- Tell me first.

- No, give me a drink first.

- First you've got to tell me!

- All right! Disgust!

- Disgust with what?

- You strike a hard bargain.

- Boy, do you want liquor that bad?

- Yes, sir, I want liquor that bad.

- What are you disgusted with?

- Mendacity! Do you know what that is? It's lies and liars !

- Who's been lying to you? Maggie?

- No, not one lie or one person. The whole thing.

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